Bath Society of Artists 108th Annual Exhibition

The 108th Annual exhibition of the Bath Society of Artists opened this weekend at the Victoria Art Gallery Bath.

The hugely popular Annual Exhibition has been held every year and many distinguished artists have exhibited with the Society, among them John Singer Sargent, Philip Wilson Steer and Walter Sickert.
This year there are over 350 paintings, prints, sculptures and graphic works to enjoy.

I was very pleased to have a woodcut print accepted for this year's exhibition. It's entitled 'Greenman in Ivy' and is part of a series of prints on the Greenman theme that I'm currently working on.

'Greenman in Ivy'  Woodcut by Jane Veveris Callan

Also on view from this weekend at the Victoria Art Gallery, is the iconic painting 'The Badminton Game' by the current President of the Society David Inshaw. The work was painted 40 years ago and is on loan from the Tate for six months. Admission to see the work is free of charge.

The BSArtists 108th Annual exhibition is on until 31st August. Admission charge £2.

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Frances Cony said...

Well done, Jane. Great image.

David Inshaw has also done a Gromit, which is on show at the RWA (Royal West of England Academy), Bristol. Not my favourite, but worth seeing...and ticking off the list of 80 Gromits!!!