King Bladud's Pigs in Bath! ~ Felicity Roma Bowers

My pig has been sponsored by a group of Lib Dem councillors, in support of the Two Tunnels cycle path project, which the final auction of pigs in October will be raising money for.
He has been named "Pigleaf" and will be sited outside the Green Park Brasserie on James St West, Bath. Details about the project are on King Bladud's Pigs website.

It's a public art project inspired by the Cow Parade originating in the US and now in cities worldwide. In Berlin they had bears, and several other cities have done similar things based on other animals and birds.

The pig is relevant to Bath because of the legend of King Bladud, said to have founded Bath when his pigs discovered a lovely steamy swamp which soothed their skin! I've printed oak leaves onto the pig, with printing ink, over an acrylic ground. The oak tree is associated with the pig, both because it likes acorns, but also because of Bladud's druidic links, the oak tree being sacred to the druids.

It's rather appropriate that SWill should use the pig as a mascot/logo given the number of members who live in Bath.
Felicity Roma Bowers

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