Art for Hearts - an auction for G.O.S.H.

A few of our members have donated illustrations towards
an on-line auction of work by children's book illustrators.
The auction proceeds will go towards organ transplant research
by Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital.

This link will take you direct to all the items in the auction

Mixed Media - Nadine Wickenden
Art for Hearts auction

Mixed Media - Nadine Wickenden
Art for Hearts auction

Frances Cony - Lovingest Dog
Art for Hearts auction

Ian and Kristine Stacey are the organisers behind the auction.
In June 2009, when less than five weeks old, their baby required a heart transplant operation. Tom is the youngest boy to have had such an operation at the Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), in London UK.
You can read more of their story HERE.

Mary Hall - Bedtime
Art for Hearts auction

If you are a professional illustrator and would like to send a piece of artwork, or a fine art print to Ian in time for the auction, please email him for further details at:-

Auction of
Children’s Book Illustration artwork and prints
in aid of research by Great Ormond Street Hospital’s transplant team

on e-Bay
beginning 2nd November 2009

For further information see:

Frances Cony - Easter Zebra
Art for Hearts auction

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