Rumblewick and the Dinner Dragons, illustrated by Sarah Warburton

"Rumblewick and the Dinner Dragons" written by Hiawyn Oram and beautifully illustrated by Sarah Warburton is now on sale.

"Meet Rumblewick!  He’s a witch’s cat with one BIG problem - his witch, Haggy Aggy, doesn’t want to be a witch any more. She wants to be a regular girl and do regular girl things.
  In this second hilarious picture book, Haggy Aggy does the unthinkable and decides that dragons are an endangered species, and befriends the local dragon. If the Hags on High catch her, Rumblewick will be out of job! How can he persuade her that witchy ways are best?
With lift the flap spells and letters throughout for added magical delights."

Hardback published 7 Jan 2010
32 Pages
ISBN : 978 1 84616 064 6

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Lauren Tobia said...

fab! look forward to my next amazon shop.