London Elephant Parade

The London Elephants are now listed on the Auction site. If you want to place a bid, or simply view all the Elephants, click here.
122 - Roselephant
Jane Veveris Callan was honoured to be invited to paint an Elephant sculpture as part of the London Elephant Parade. 
Jane's Roselephant's auction page is here.

The Elephant Family Charity is organising the event which will see over 250 painted sculptures the size of a baby elephant, located around central London for 2 months this summer. They will hit the streets on May 3rd 2010 and then be sold at a Gala Auction on 30th June to raise money for conservation work to support the endangered Asian Elephant.
 Jane recently completed the painting on ‘Roselephant’, which was inspired by one of the aims of the conservation work, to preserve Elephant Corridors which allow the Elephant herds to travel from forest to forest to find food and water.

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