One Hundred days to a better person - times two!

Two of our members have been participating in the  'One Hundred Days To Make Me A Better Person' challenge.
'Elvis Coffee Pot' by Angela Fernihough            'Cake' by Lauren Tobia        

Angela Fernihough and Lauren Tobia have each been adding a new illustration to their blogs every day whilst continuing their other illustration work.

Angela, is on her final week having posted a Coffee Pot themed image every day since the start of the project in December.
"The aim of this challenge is to develop my artistic style and try out as many ways as possible of illustrating the same thing. My subject is my coffee pot because I wanted to use something very familiar that I see every day. My coffee pot is a VERY IMPORTANT object. I love my coffee pot and this is my homage to it!" 
    Angela Fernihough

We have watched as she has shown us different styles from patchwork to pop art, and many combinations in between.

She has also been featured with her coffee pot images several times on the One Hundred Days website, and interviewed for a piece in The Independent's Sunday Magazine.

Lauren still has a way to go to her 100 images as she started the challenge in January, pledging a daily illustration from her day to day experiences.
"As part of the 100 days project I will endeavour to post a drawing every day.
I don't think I can pin it down any more than that.
I think it would be good if I could just produce a little drawing that was connected to my day in some way or another."   
    Lauren Tobia
We have followed her life through images of events that include snowy days, a lost (and found) dog and knitting!

Lauren has also been featured on the One Hundred Days website and her sketchbook will be exhibited as part of the One Hundred Days exhibition on 10th March, which is part of the London Word Festival.

Angela's website: http://www.studioanjou.com/
Lauren's website: http://www.laurentobia.com/

Read more, including a piece about Angela's work, on the Independent Minds Blog:

For more about the One Hundred Days To Make Me A Better Person project:
ONE thing
done ONCE each day

From 1 December 2009, Josie Long cordially invites you to pledge to do one thing every day for 100 days in a bid to generally make things better.
The plan is simple:
1. Register here with your name, email and pledge
2. From 1 December, this pledge must be fulfilled every day for 100 days (or longer if the spirit of goodwill takes hold!)
3. Document your activity where possible - snap it, film it, write about it - and keep us updated on how you're getting along for ONE hundred days


Unknown said...

That's brilliant June, thank you. I feel a little bit famous! Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

Lauren Tobia said...

cheers June ..
would have been fab to see you all today but under a duvet...uhhhhhh (see 100 day drawing ha ha)
seriously caught the blog bug.