The Pride of Bath

In 2008, painted pig sculptures were to be found snuffling around the city of Bath bringing amusement and pleasure to everyone. Now there is to be a pride of 100 decorated life-size Lions prowling the streets of Bath!

From the website:
  "A giant pride of 100 individually decorated, life-size lion sculptures, will be taking up residence in and around the World Heritage City of Bath from the end of May to mid September 2010 in a colourful cultural event to raise funds for local charities and bring a smile to the faces of residents and visitors alike."

Jane Veveris Callan, who painted 3 pigs in the 2008 King Bladud's Pigs event, is one of many artists selected to decorate a Lion for the 2010 event.

Installation of the Lions around the city will begin around 20th May.

  "The lions will remain on public display throughout the summer and then return to their den in September 2010 to be restored to their former glory in preparation for the 'Lions Roar Goodbye' weekend event, 9th and 10th October, when the pride will gather together in front of Bath's world famous Royal Crescent for their public farewells before the Lions of Bath 2010 charity auctions on Friday October 15th and Sunday 17th 2010."

More details can be found on the main website here: Lions of Bath 2010

Lions of Bath 2010 was inspired by the successful 2008 King Bladud's Pigs event, which raised £200,000 for the Two Tunnels Project.
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