Introduction to Collagraph Course ~ Ivana Svabic Cannon

2 Week Course
Introduction to Collagraph
Led by Ivana Svabic Cannon MA
Wednesdays 19 & 26 January 2011
6.00 – 9.00pm
At Spike Print Studio, Spike Island Artspace, Bristol UK

Collagraph technique is fantastic for those interested in using mix-media in printmaking. The course will provide ideas and technical shortcuts in image making. You will use a wide range of materials and will be practise a combination of both intaglio and relief method of inking.
This course is suitable for both, beginners and experienced printmakers.

'Hello Monet'
Collagraph print by Ivana Svabic Cannon

In a collagraph, the plate is built up and manipulated by the artist, using a collage-like process which combines a large array of materials such as glue, card, carborundum, sawdust, paints, filler, string, fabric and more. The artist can also draw lines into the paint or plaster before it hardens. As a result, the plate may print as both relief and intaglio. Collagraph prints are inked and printed in a similar manner to an etching.

Making Collagraphs is for artists who enjoy mix-media; printing collagraph plates reveals unexpectedly truly magical images, quite interesting for developing new free illustrating styles.

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Philip Morgan said...

Hi Ivana, I would have loved to come on this course, but unfortunately I can't make the dates. Any plans for any more later in the year?