The Stoat Rebellion ~ illustrated by Felicity Bowers

Felicity Bowers has illustrated a new book, The Stoat Rebellion, written by Aubrey Fossedale.

It is available for sale at the price of £9.99 from Lulu.com

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The English woodland is now run on a democratic system which was fought for during the Stoat Rebellion.
The rebellion, fought between the Woodland Central Government Army and the Stoat Rebel Army involved many battles, stalemates and political meetings that had effect on the way the woodland was run, both then and now. In 1965 bitter resentment spilled over into a bloody civil war where two opposing armies with one spiritual leader fought a twelve year conflict that had political consequences far beyond the battlefields of North Somerset and Northumberland. By 1977 the English woodland would never be the same again. Aubrey Fossedale has collected eye-witness accounts to document the history and realities of the momentous events recorded in this book.

Jervaise wounded
illustration by Felicity Bowers

Vole pilot with DC
illustration by Felicity Bowers
 “A heart-rending tale of bloodshed, politics and frivolity that cannot be missed” The Woodland Times

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