WOW! project is a celebration of 175 years of Bristol ZOO

Preliminary sketches for a gorilla sculpture
 This was my first design; Gorilla wrapped in a bundle of hair.

Second design is definitely more commercial!
Sponsor - Waitrose, location - Queen's Road, Bristol.

Banana shirt

My design is influenced by everyday consumerism, where supermarkets become the main places where we ‘hunt food’! I’ve illustrated this by dressing up my gorilla in a shirt patterned with bananas.
I’ve also used my prints in linocut for this design. Rhythm of pattern is an essence of my printmaking work. I’ve patterned gorilla’s head and body with the motif of my print called ‘Twirl’, a stylised twirl of hair. This symbol gives the impression of safety, with the gorilla wrapped in a twirl of hair; strong and ancient like the Sphinx.
Another linocut motif ‘Sparkler’, I’ve placed at the back of his trousers, just to add to its cartoony, comical look.
I just need to paint it now!

Ivana Svabic Cannon 

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Frances Cony said...

Well done, Ivana. I still really like the 'unclothed' one.

Good luck with the painting.