Bristol Zoo Wow! Gorillas appear in London 16-22 September 2011

20 of the Bristol Zoo Wow! Gorillas hit the M4 - hopefully not literally - for London today.  They will appear at More London for nearly a week to promote the auction of all 61 ape sculptures 2 weeks today Thursday 29 September at The Victoria Rooms, Clifton, Bristol.  The Gorillas will be along Queen's Walk between London Bridge and Tower Bridge near City Hall.

Included will be Jane Ververis Callan's Blackbeard Silverback, Anthony Hitchcock's Guerilla Tourist, Frances Cony's Endangered PJs and Chris Taylor's Blackbeardorilla. Here they all are in earlier days:

Blackbeard Silverback

Guerilla Tourist

Endangered PJs (Bert); Guerilla Tourist (Bob) in background
and Tony with Hubert (aka Joe)

Bert (Endangered PJs) (pic: Ivana Cannon)
Blackbeard (& Chris)
Update (16 Sept): There are 4 photos on Facebook of them in London including Tower Bridge in the background and Endangerd PJs bottom in the foreground.

Meanwhile, Ivana Svabic Cannon's Banana Shirt is still on display in Bristol, now inside its sponsor Waitrose's Queens Road, Clifton store.

Banana Shirt (& Ivana)

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