Gorilla Auction exceeds all expectations: Going, Going, Gone!!!

Ready to GO!  Gorisambard (L) by Tim Miness started a bidding war and went for the highest price £23K.

Banana Shirt (Ivana Svabic Cannon) £6K
SW Illustrators together raised £45 000 of the total £427 300
raised on Thursday night at the auction of 60 gorillas at the Victoria Rooms, Bristol.  That's more than 10% of the total for 10% of the gorillas sold on Thursday!!!!  The money goes to The Wallace & Gromit Grand Appeal in aid of Bristol Children's Hospital and Ape Conservation charities which have been long supported by Bristol Zoo Gardens.

Blackbeard Silverback (Jane Ververis Callan) £10K
Hubert (Anthony Hitchcock) £6K

Guerilla Tourist (Anthony Hitchcock) £7.5K

Endangered PJs (Frances Cony) £6.5K

Blackbeardorilla (Chris Taylor) £9K

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June said...

£45,000.00 is a WOW! amount. Congratulations to everyone, but especially to SWill members for their fab creations that brought this amount into the fund.

So, after Gorilla fever... what now?