Big up Bristol talent - The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists : OFFICIAL UK TRAILER

Just incase anyone hasn't seen this, I just wanted to big up Bristol Aardman animations who are back to their amazing stopmotion style of animation with their forthcoming Pirates film (out in April 2012).

I was lucky enough to take a trip up to the production studios (the spoil sports wouldn't let me take any pictures ;)) and was so impressed with the amount of artwork involved in this film. The concept artwork is stunning, as are the sculptures for models and sets (which are HUGE).

Whoever commissioned that song/band for the UK trailer was inspired. The US trailer is all the poorer without it.

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Tone said...

Absolutely! Codsteaks were working on the sets while I was with them, and they are unbelievable. When the film comes out, if you look REALLY CAREFULLY, you might even see some of the branches I made for the trees, or the boilerplates I made for the Warship's kitchen.

It's unlikely, but I'll still be keeping 'em peeled!