King Kong Merrily On High

Ok... firstly, I feel I should apologise for a couple of things. One is that this Blog seems to be regularly taken over by Gorillas, and the second is the appalling pun I came up with as a name for this latest Wow! Gorilla. It could have been worse... I unofficially called the little one (made for the Zoo's shop in Cribb's Causeway) King Kong Merrily On Low...

I blame the fibre-glass fumes.

Edd from Bristol zoo contacted me a while ago to paint these, which meant that I was hidden away from the public in the maintenance dept at the zoo for a couple of weeks, gassing the rest of the staff there like badgers while added the fibre-glass and filler beard, hat and fur trim to the big chap. The little version is to be turned into a small ceramic, and after the delays that Elvis' quiff caused in production, it was felt that he should be only painted, and not added to, hence his somewhat truncated beard. You can't really see it from this angle, but from the front the little chap looks a bit like David Jason playing Inspector Frost. I think it's the big 'tache that does it.

From a painting point of view, it was a bit of a challenge to blend the features of a rosie-cheeked snowbearded caucasian geezer with those of a Silverback, but I think they turned out quite well.

Ook ook!


Frances Cony said...

They look great, Tony.

Su said...

If the fumes mean coming up with great names like that... pass me the fibre glass! Excellent job again Tony... both are great additions to the gorilla group and zoo.

Chris Taylor said...

Mate they look awesome, I haven't seen the King Kong Merrily on High one yet, but I see the King Kong Merrily on Low most days, as I work next door to the mall pop up shop at Timberland. I feel the Zoo staff must now have a personal vendetta to you and me, for the amount of fumes we have released at them. Have you seen Damo's new G as well? Take it easy.