Sticking my neck out!

If you're all gorilla'd out, here's something completely different. Well........okay not so different!
'Safari Northampton' another Wild in Art project are building on the sucess of 'Pride in Northampton' with a whole safari of rhino's, lions, hippos, gorillas and giraffes for summer 2012.
My design 'The Butterfly Effect' has been commissioned and I hope to start painting next week. He's 11' tall so I'll be getting my step ladder out!


June said...

11 ft tall! You might need a scaffold tower to work from :o)
The Butterfly Effect will be stunning, just like your other artworked animals. Good luck Jane, keep us posted on your work progress.

Jane Veveris Callan said...

Thanks June!
I must remember to take photos as I go along...sometimes I just forget.

Yes I might actually have to get scaffolding for the top 3 ft, but hoping to stand on tables for the bulk of it!