Hare Trail blazing!

One of the hare sculptures painted by Swillustrator Jane Veveris Callan, will be blazing the trail for the Cirencester Hare Festival tomorrow. Her 5ft tall 'Harelequin' character design will be making an appearance on BBC Points West at 6.30pm on Friday 28th Feb, in a feature about the Festival and public art trail.

Harelequin was inspired by an Old English character, his name reflects the playful nature of the harlequin and of the hare, also often depicted in folk law as a trickster. Originating in the Italian 'Commedia dell'art'e', the harlequin became hugely popular in England from the 18th Century onwards in 'Harlequinade' mime productions. He was cheeky and nimble...forever outwitting the father of his sweetheart Columbine.

Harelequin is sponsored by and will be situated at Ingleside House, 5 Beeches Rd, Cirencester from 29th March until the end of August.2014.

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