Hare and Seek Trail for the Cirencester Hare Festival

The Cirencester Hare Festival is proving very popular, with hare spotters of all ages enjoying tracking down the 50 giant hares in Cirencester and close surrounding villages. The individually designed 'fantasy' hares will  be auctioned to raise money for the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust's 'Green hare walkway' by the River Churn.

SWillustrator Jane Veveris Callan has painted 3 of the small life size hares which will join the 'Hare and Seek' Trail. A small version of the large 'Harebelle' which is sponsored by and situated at the Twelve Bells on Lewis Lane.  'Party Hare' who's black body is a magnetic blackboard where celebratory notes and messages can be placed and 'Panthare tigris' based on the Tiger hare concept of BBC 'Springwatch' presenter Chris Packham.


Party Hare

Panthare tigris

The third Red Hare day on 27th June will see the launch of a mini 'Hare and Seek' trail in the town.
This will be great fun for hare-spotters! From 24th of May until 27th of June small decorated hares will be hidden inside Cirencester shops, cafes and offices open to the public. You will need to collect a ‘Hare and Seek passport’ from the Visitor Information Centre or Information Point at the Town Council Offices in Binhgam House. This passport  will be available from the 27th of June once all the small hares have gone into hiding!. Then you can set out to find them all. Your passport will be stamped by the retailer each time you successfully locate a small hare. Enter your accurately stamped passport into the prize draw!  The ‘Hare and Seek’ trail will end on September 14th and the result of the prize draw will be announced on September 30th.

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