More King Bladud's Pigs in Bath!

My first pig "Save the Hamazon" was commisioned by a patron on behalf of Restore UK, which is an environmental charity who replant woodlands in the UK but also have a project in the Brazilian rainforest to support local people in conserving their environment.
I had already submitted this design as a proposal because I'm interested in green issues and environmental projects, so I was delighted that this sponsor gave me the opportunity to paint this pig who now resides on North Parade Rd at the end of Duke St. Whilst I was working on "Save the Hamazon", I was approached by Galleries shop-to-be project in Freshford, and asked to come up with a design for them that combined the countryside but also food!
I came up with "Country Pignic", which I was very happy they approved, as again it's a really worthwhile project to be involved with, supporting local shops to help sustain village communities.

He is now installed in Freshford Village on Freshford Lane near the Village Hall I believe, I've yet to make it out there to check up on him.
I've been very lucky to have had this opportunity, and it's been great to be involved in such a fun but also useful project (money will be raised for Sustrans "Two Tunnels" project, at the auction on 31st October) so thanks to all the project organisers who volunteer their time and skills and work extremely hard.

If I might just add a plea, If any of you are "pig spotting" and see that any of the pigs are damaged, please phone the telephone number on the pig's plaque so the problem can be sorted.

Jane Veveris Callan

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