Amazing Automata! ~ by Tim Bullock

Purring cats, barking dogs, and Kong climbing a 150cm (59 inches) tall skyscraper! ...All paper models in kit form for you to cut out and assemble. These are the ingenious work of South West Illustrator and Paper Engineer, Tim Bullock.
With a bit of skill and patience you can make your own Automaton. Then turn the handle and see the model come alive. (See them in action on the website.)
Choose from an imaginative collection for sale at http://www.cool4cats.biz/.

Models begin with simple kits, such as the TERROR ROBOT, and move through skill levels to the larger projects, such as KONG climbing the skyscraper or THE ARTIST... who doesn't quite draw what he sees in front of him!

Want to buy one now? Go straight to the shopping page of the website.

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