Sarah Warburton goes to Hollywood

Well not exactly. In fact that's a massive leap of imagination! Dreamworks have announced the news that they will be making an animated film of Rumblewick - inspired by the picturebook by Hiawyn Oram and Sarah Warburton. It's exciting news although a bit strange as Rumblewick has been changed from a cat to rabbit which is very different from the books. However, from the small bits heard through the grapevine it looks like it could be really good fun with a good story. Will update with any news.

More info here: Dreamworks Rumblewick Movie

Original picturebook


June said...

Brilliant news Sarah, I hope they do retain some essence of your illustration style in the final animations.

And although I confess to prefering rabbits to cats in the animal world, I have to admit that particular character change does seem rather odd for Rumblewick!

We shall have to wait and see... and have a film premiere nght when it is ready :o)

Philip Morgan said...

Exciting news!

Lauren Tobia said...

make them fly you over for the premiere . !!!!!

June said...

And tell them you have to bring at least 5 friends with you too, because you never go anywhere without us oop's... I mean without them.
And don't accept a UK Premiere in Bristol instead, unless it is their last offer, and we can all come along too.