Sarah's sketchbook silliness

Watch out! I've fallen in love with a character that flew into my head that I'm not sure what to do with. I think there is a story there somewhere....I can sense it. Ninja bird - is not afraid of anything - especially cats and crocodiles!

Not sure if my 3 year old son should sue me for copyright on this but he drew a picture the other day and called it an 'elepead'....genius. So what could a doting mother do except steal the idea and rework it in her sketchbook. However I think I've lost some of the charm from the original drawing!

Try and guess which is which.


June said...

I love these bird character sketches especially.
We have lovebirds Sarah, and though they are pocket-sized parrots, they don't realise they are so small. They show no fear of situations and creatures much larger than themselves and will square up to them! They used to rule who could eat from our rabbit's foodbowl. Fearless indeed, but often slightly comical at the same time.

Genna Byrne said...

I'm loving Ninja Bird...He could fight crime and sort out the injustice in our world! :)

Cat said...

I love it!