New Artwork - The Owl and the Pussycat

I've been working on a new illustration for The Owl and the Pussycat while I wait for other upcoming projects. I've filled the design with painted texture and pattern, and I also wanted to create and incorporate a hand painted paisley (inspired) pattern on the boat rather than just stick to dots and stripes.

I painted this pattern in acrylic and used a pin head to print on each dot. I like to add painted elements and patterns to contrast with the smooth clean lines of digitally created shapes. Other textures have been created on textured art paper with a fairly dry paintbrush, toothbrush and edges of card loaded with paint and 'printed' onto paper.


June said...

Such a bright, happy illustration Laila. It is really nice that you hand create the patterns you use within the digital image.

Frances Cony said...

Very nice, Laila.

It reminds me that I did some illustrations to The Owl and the Pussycat when I was on my art foundation course. I've thought of having another go. I'll leave it a while though.

Martha said...

This is wonderful. I would love to use this illustration to make an appliqued crib quilt. It would be for personal use only and not for sale, although I would want to post the completed project on my blog (with credit to you and a link back to this page -- or whatever page you like).

Please let me know -- I won't do anything unless I hear from you.