Another Bristol Zoo Wow Gorilla

The first design was not chosen by sponsors.  The second design is being sponsored by Mama Bear's Day Nursery.  See Frances Cony's Bristol Zoo Wow! Gorilla blog.

Frances Cony -  Yet another case of Gorilla Gardening

Frances Cony - Endangered PJs
Bert (aka Endangered PJs) a couple of days ago


June said...

Interesting to see his PJ pattern taking shape. So much work has gone into all the little animals. Will you paint his face and fur etc?

Frances Cony said...

Hi June

He's going to be this grey. I was originally going to be realistic, but for speed I just made him grey in the original submission, and that's how the ceramic was interpreted.

My illustrations tend to be flat colour these days, and I like him like this now. Also no time. I may darken his eyes as the pyjamas are quite bold now, and his eyes may have to match the boldness.

Frances Cony said...

He also has a bit of a snotty nose, so I may add a bit of colour there!!!!

veezee said...

Looking great so far!!