Gromits Unleashed Update

Belated update on the Gromit Unleashed project.  Unfortunately, no SW Illustrators' designs were shortlisted for the project on 18 February.  As our designs were fantastic, the Gromits chosen must be blooming marvellous and well worth a trip to Bristol in July-September to see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

However, CONGRATULATIONS to former SW Illustrator Paula Bowles, who is one of the 70 artists who have been chosen to decorate a Gromit to enhance the streets of Bristol in the summer, before being auctioned in aid of the Wallace & Gromit Grand Appeal for Bristol Children's Hospital in the summer.  I believe Paula is one of a few Brillustrators to have been selected. 

Other artists include Nick Park (creator of Wallace & Gromit), Raymond Briggs (author/illustrator The Snowman), Axel Scheffler (illustrator of The Gruffalo), Trevor Bayliss (Wallace-like inventor of the wind-up radio) and Peter Lord (Aardman).  Comedian Harry Hill unveiled his bald Gromit yesterday (see The Independent).

See also Twitter: https://twitter.com/GromitUnleashed

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