Relaunch of RABBIT PIE by Penny Ives (SW Illustrators)

"Rabbit Pie" was originally published in hard back by Puffin Children's Books.

Sadly for me it went out of print but luckily, Child's Play bought the title for their list.

Here it is as a board book with some of my rabbits. (Out of interest, the one with the carrot on his head goes round and round in a slightly manic way if the carrot is given a tug).

"Rabbit Pie" is available at book shops and on Amazon.

Written and illustrated by Penny Ives

Published 2013 by Child's Play in the UK and Barnes and Noble US.


June said...

So glad this title is back in print, it is a perfect gift for small bunnies everywhere :)

Mary Hall said...

Looks great Penny!
(Like the look of the one with a carrot on his head!)