Great Gorillas - 'Five Minutes to Midnight' by Jane Veveris Callan

Great Gorillas is another wonderful public art event coming from Wild in Art in partnership with Paignton Zoo for the English Riviera in South Devon.
A trail of  colourful Gorillas will decorate the streets along the coast from Paignton to Exeter from 3rd August for 10 weeks.
They will then be auctioned to raise money for the zoo's Western Lowland Gorilla conservation projects.

I was lucky to have my design 'Five Minutes to Midnight' sponsored by South Devon Law firm Wollen Michelmore.
The concept for the design is the phrase 'Five Minutes to Midnight' from the symbolic Doomsday clock which heralds time running out and impending disaster...in this to highlight the urgent plight of the endangered Western Gorilla.

There will be a lovely additional feature to this event, as Babbacombe Model Village will be hosting a miniature version of the whole trail.
I was also very pleased to learn that my design has been chosen as one of the gorillas that will be available as a miniature ceramic figurine.


Frances Cony said...

Fantastic, Jane!

Frances Cony said...

See a different view of Jane's Gorilla on HER blog. See link to the right.

Mary Hall said...

Jane - this looks so good - especially the back! Very impressed with the way you've done the clock over the shoulders - must have been pretty tricky to work out?!

Jane Veveris Callan said...

Thanks guys, for some of the clocks I cut out big paper circles to draw round so I could mould them against the shape, for the 2 big ones on the back I also used the old fashioned method of a home made compass with a bit of string and a pencil!